Speed and efficiency are no longer the only values of modernity. Today other values prevail. A newborn desire to live harmoniously. It’s a feeling that goes far beyond the fashion of “Bio” or Ecological attitudes, it is the urgency to regain space, light, perfumes, green and absorb nature.


    “Find Properties Andalusia” is a Sánchez&DeWaal Properties and Management company. We have been managing properties in Jaén  for over 10 years. We have a comprehensive range of professional property services to offer you peace of mind, knowing that your investment is in good hands.
    We will take care of your property, be it your main residence or holiday home. If you arrive after a period of absence you will find your house ready for you to enjoy. We also offer services, such as airport transfers, chauffeur, catering service, private chef, grocery deliveries, etc. We take care of everything so you can sit back and relax!
  3. COST
    We have different packages to adapt to our individual client’s needs, with services ranging from the cleaning and upkeep of the house, pool and garden to arranging for refurbishing or reforms of the property.



At Find Properties Andalusia, we pride ourselves on our experienced and highly qualified staff to prevent and solve any problem that may arise. Each of our quotes has at its core our client’s needs and particular requirements. We offer services that cover a range of services like plumbing, gardening, swimming pools, gas supply, carpentry, security, and many more.

We visit your property regularly to check the progress of the work and write a report (we can also provide photos on request). We are always present on site and will find the quickest and most suitable solution. We are fully dedicated for keeping your property in excellent condition.

Our main objective is that our clients don’t have to worry about anything, by keeping their properties in optimal condition, be it their main residence or a holiday home.

1. Key-holding service:  It is the easiest, most secure and economical way to have access to your keys anytime. We keep a copy of your keys at all times, in case you misplace or forget yours, and that also enables us to keep an eye on any commissioned services being delivered in your absence. It is also a benefit if we have prompt access should an emergency occur (flooding, burglary…). We, of course, will keep your keys in our 24-hour safety deposit box.

2. Fault management: We will arrange for any repair services that might be needed within 24 hours from the discovery. Regular checks allow us to be aware quickly and efficiently, saving you and your property any further damage. We will contact the service supplier, check on the progress and keep you informed at every stage.

3. Car maintenance: Cars perform best if they are regularly serviced to prevent mechanical faults. In FPA Sánchez&DeWaal we will take your car for servicing or repair to a garage we trust, and we’ll arrange for the MOT (ITV in Spain) when required during your stay. You only have to settle the bill.

4. Home owners’ association meetings: FPA Sánchez&DeWaal offers to attend on your behalf. Whether you speak a different language, lack of time or just not in the mood, these meetings are important and we will make sure that you don’t miss out and your voice can be heard.

5. Utilities management: the new open market for water, gas and electricity supply can be daunting for the new comer. Likewise, it’s up to the consumer to check regularly the climate control, water heating and gas systems, at least every 5 years. We offer to do the hiring and maintenance of all these utilities so you have peace of mind.

6. Telephone and Internet: we can arrange the setting up and maintenance of these services quickly and efficiently

7. Insurance: Life, health, home, car insurance…some of them are compulsory, others voluntary, they can be very confusing and complicated. FPA Sánchez&DeWaal, Properties and Management can analyse your personal circumstances and recommend what suits you best, to give you and your property adequate cover.

8. Taxes: FPA Sánchez&DeWaal, Properties and Management will take care of all taxes related to you or your property on your behalf, like the I.B.I. or the road tax. We can even negotiate installments or delayed payments.

9. Refurbishment: We will get a quotation for any refurbishment or reform project your property might need, we will find the best specialist in their trade, architect, plumber, electrician, painter or plasterer. Each project, idea, dream, is exclusively considered, working together with the same aim.

10. Interior design: The right balance between tradition and innovation is key to a successful and coherent project. At the same time, functionality and the right style must meet to create a home that faithfully reflects our mood and tastes. FPA Sánchez&DeWaal, Properties and Management puts a qualified team of experts at your disposal to help you achieve your dream from the start.

11. Keys management: We will supply and fetch the keys to your property, either to your tenants or visitors at any time with our 24-hour key holding service.



We can tailor a personalized package to suit your needs and all our services can be contracted out on a case by case basis. They will be quoted according to their specification. Do you need any other service? Please, let us know, we can make everything possible, we strive to make your life easier.

For any questions, contact us here.